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Mental effort during brain self-regulation
Mood enhancement

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Train your brain to train behaviour

Our equipment is the result of the world's leading neurofeedback clinicians & researchers.
In NF training, self-regulation of specific aspects of electrical brain activity is acquired by means of immediate feedback & positive reinforcement.
Improved attention, memory, behavioural & cognitive variables after frequency training.

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Neurofeedback training, NFB

Rating of mental effort is a feasible approach for effective threshold-adaptation during neurofeedback training

We use an FDA* registered qEEG database & John Demos report.
The most common NF uses two sensors, 2 brainwave sensors, 2 ear sensors, & one ground.
With these, the clinician train your surface brain activity & properly tailor that training to the individual.
*FDA 510K compliant K041263

Brain Mapping

In 1962 The origin of Brain Mapping Research was first started in Ohio, & conducted at the Columbus State Hospital.*
Brain mapping was introduced as measure & diagnose brain function. It has become a primary tool in neuroscience.
QEEG’s are used in research centres all over the world to study ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, depression and bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, and emotional conditions of every sort.

*Fischer, V. H., A New Window into the Human Brain?, May 1962, Battelle Technical Review: 3–9.

qEEG Loreta

Brain imaging techniqes MRIs , CAT scans & x-rays are built to measure brain structure. QEEG uses surface sensors to detect the the brain’s electrical patterns, the brainwaves.
The qEEG tells us what your brain is doing, moment to moment. Also, can identify not only brainwaves, their amplitude, location & whether these patterns are typical or anomalous, but also Coherence (quality of communication between regions), & Phase (thinking speed). .


We compare surface & deep brainwave readings to a research reference Z-score database, Neuroguide.

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Mon - Fri: 09:00am - 21:00pm
​​Saturday - Sunday ONLY with an appointment.

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During business hours, we are usually full engaged with clients. You can leave a message & we call back.

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11 Margariti st., 11743 Athens, GR

w: +30 2109444173

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