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Is it an invasive method?

No. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive brain training method. Detects, records & trains the electrical charge of the brain without interfering.


Does it have side effects?

No, it has no side effects.


Is electricity used?

No, no electricity is used. Detected & the electrical charge of the brain is recorded using electrodes.

How long does one need to do neurofeedback/ NFB to work it out

his problem?

Depending on the problem. Based on the qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram) the exact time frame is determined.

How is neurofeedback / NFB different from medication?

Neurofeedback / NFB targets the brain's electrical charge while medication targets the brain's chemical charge.

It hurts;

No, it doesn't hurt. The session takes place in a comfortable armchair.




After the session how will I feel?

Calm. After a long day one can feel sleepy.




If I feel uncomfortable can I stop during the session?

Yes. Our main goal is for each customer to feel comfortable & safety in our area. Our staff is therefore trained so that the conduct of the session runs smoothly for the client.




Do the sessions require any preparation?

Yes. To have completed 3 hours of sleep, eating & juice or coffee.




What is the relationship between neurofeedback and Psychology?

NFB neurofeedback allows us to "speak" to the brain in its own language, the

brain waves. So he speaks with reason. Psychology speaks with the symptom.

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