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qEEG Brain Mapping


- Recording of the electrical activity in each part of the brain.

How does it work:

- Surface sensors are used to detect electrical patterns of the brain (known as brain waves).

- Records brain activity & mode.

- Recognizes & records amplitude, phase, coherence & the brain wave symmetry.

- Identifies the areas of the brain which present either less or more activity than normal.

- Shows the areas of the brain whose activity between them is unconnected.

- It is non-invasive & without pain.

It is used for:

- Initial assessment

- Planning sessions & protocols

- Continuous session progress monitoring


BrainMaster TechnologiesFDA Approved 510K-990538

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S.A.R.A. (Standardized Artifact Rejection Algorithm)

sLORETA (Standardized Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography)

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